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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  September 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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done. >> reporter: intervention for multiple agencies that may have saved lives. >> guy pointed his gun at my car as i'm driving by. open fire. >> shot fired shot fired. boo the deputies are asking for prayers for the brother in blue who shot. >> we're hoping everyone can keep him in their prayers. >> reporter: detective bright is in very critical condition. his family. for now a little hope in that medical staff has seen some small improvement. we wish him the best. we're live in douglas county. cbs4. people in oklahoma are surveying the damage after an earthquake struck there this morning. the 5.6 magnitude quake was felt in several states
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missouri and texas. it cause structural damage to the fagade of an old building. the earthquake caused the exterior of the house to crumble. after the earthquake, dozens of waste disposal wells were shut down. a directive was issued showing research disposals induces earthquakes. the number of earthquakes, 3.0 or greater has skyrocketed to more than 900 last year. 5 days from now the broncos will take on the panthers in the 1st game of the season. today they finalized the roster. at least for now. >> mark, as expected mark sanchez was cut. >> they tried to move them but did not have takers. they had to part ways. in the end mark sanchez will be nothing more than a footnote. he was later -- here less than 6 month.
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not need him anymore. cowboys swooped in after he was cut to sign him as a backup. the broncos let sanchez go. they also won't lose a draft pick from the original trade with the eagles. that is a couple more reasons their moving on for mark sanchez and it made sense for the broncos. >> a long talk with mark. he handled with great class. i know he was disappointed. he wanted to stay here and we just thought it was best for us to go different ways. >> they have signed austin davis to be a 3rd quarterback on the roster. the other big cut running back hillman. >> some big names like go. while the east coast deals with heavy rain, we are mostly dry.
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no moisture? >> none yet. but as we look at the mile high camera you could see a storm coming out of the foothills. there is the top of mile high stadium. it is darkening on the west side of town. let's take a quick look as we scan the skies. are scattered thunderstorms across the state. close to the denver metro area, you can see this storm building in boulder county. everything seems to be going to the northeast. the last 4 hours, you can see another wave going through boulder county. heavy rain in and around the boulder area. denver proper is right on the bottom edge of this. at the most we will see some sprinkles and gusty winds. there are a couple of areas where we have had severe thunderstorms. up in nebraska up to 60 miles per hour winds blowing through. burlington is under severe thunderstorm running until 6:45. kit carson county.
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possible. a lot of lightning. and to severe thunderstorm earnings, one in iowa -- kyowa. another one until 6:30 could see up to 60 miles per hour winds and small hail. the best shot of severe thunderstorms is the same area across eastern colorado. here in denver spangle and some wind but i think that will be it. we have a little warming trend as we head closer to labor day. we will show you the numbers coming up. there is a warning for hikers in douglas county to lock up their valuables for hitting the trails. >> we go live to castle rock. these are targeting cars and those in trailhead parking lots? >> reporter: that is right. we found 3 of these warning signs.
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valuables for vehicles. these are going after small easy to carry items. since july the douglas county sheriff's office says highlands ranch and parker have seen the highest increase of these incidents. castle rock was also targeted. the majority of the crimes take place in the late afternoon in parking lots of parks and trailheads around the county. park goers tell us the signs serve as a i have gotten better about locking the car. but we have been in this area for 15 years and i haven't always. pretty lax. now i am more conscious. >> reporter: if you have seen anything suspicious or have been the victim of a car break- in in douglas county, the sheriff's office asks you give
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in syria the future of a proposed power plant in england. the u.s. and china have reached an agreement. president obama and his counterpart plan to reduce carbon emissions. he says this is a pivotal moment in the fight against climate change. hundreds of thousands of faithful will gather on sunday at the vatican to witness mother theresa's canonization. the none dedicated herself to helping poor, sick and dying. she became one of the most recognizable faces of the 20th century. in 1979 she was awarded the nobel peace prize. >> i am grateful and very happy to receive in the name of the hungry, of the naked, the homeless. >> pope john paul ii admired her. he fast tracked her to sing to. for the miracle of healing to
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she will be canonized 19 years after her death. an amazing rescue in italy. more than a week after the strong earthquake, italian firefighters saved a dog from the rubble. the crews have been helping a couple obtain belongings when they helped -- heard the dog barking. he spent several days buried in the rubble. nearly 300 people died in that 6.1 earthquake. let's check the forecast. we have sunshine, warm weather. what about the rest of the weekend? >> a little rain on the west side. we may get a sprinkle in some of the denver metro. it is showing up on doppler 4000. we have a handful of storms clustering around the state. let's start with the city. sunshine has been around. a gust of wind came through earlier in the afternoon from some of the storms in the
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granby. just outside of boulder to conifer. that is moving to the northeast. we may get a sprinkle downtown still. later in fort morgan all the way up to nebraska, some big thunderstorms with pockets of heavy rain and gusty winds up to 60 miles per hour. we still have a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:45 for burlington with the big storm going through. and south of sheridan lake and southern bend the main threat is the wind. we have gusty winds blowing patio furniture over. from grand junction through aspen a line of thunderstorm coming thin -- coming in. we may see these move into the denver area later tonight and also a cluster of storms around steamboat springs. on the big picture, all of this
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las vegas there is some dry air. that will work its way into our region tomorrow. it is strong enough to hold the cold front up in wyoming. i'm not looking for that to come in. a warming trend from tomorrow into labor day. 90 was are high at the airport. 88 downtown. normal high is 83. started out at 58. now it's 81. northwind 14. gusting up to 25 or 30mph. 80 degrees from lone tree. and joseph in bayfield near the san the wiese valley, 73. for tonight showers and thunderstorms start to move out. some could be severe in the evening across the eastern plains. by tomorrow morning, rain in the mountains with partly cloudy over denver. the dryer air moves in, a few isolated storms over northern colorado i don't think they will make it to the denver
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overnight 40s and 50s in the mountains. highs tomorrow in the 80s and 90s. hot for the colorado state fair. 70s in the mountains and 86 in production. tonight, gusty isolated storms early. upper 50s for the overnight low. mostly sunny tomorrow. litle breezy. the high pushing in with near 80s on monday. labor day mostly sunny. the cool off tuesday wednesday and thursday. maybe a few isolated storms on tuesday. overall a drying trend. >> we have the taste of colorado going on. it looks nice. >> they make it a sprinkle or some wind. >> it will be a good night. new information on last
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canceled. the airline says the malfunction costs them $100 million. delta reported passenger revenue for august fell by 9% compared with one year ago. in part due to the outage. a consumer alert, samsung is recalling millions of its new galaxy note 7 smartphones after reports of the phones catching fire. at a press conference in south korea, the president of samsung mobile said the recall will cost so much, it makes is hard 8. but safety comes 1st. the phones were released just 2 weeks ago but a glitch in batteries have caused at least 30 devices to catch fire will charging. >> there have been other phones that have caught on fire but they have pretty much entire millions of phones recalled right after they get released. if anything nothing has been
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be available in 2 weeks. surprising discovery after a denver business owner sets up a camera. >> it's the last thing we expected to see. >> a denver police officer has some explaining to do.
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latest news regarding colorado's marijuana industry. in november voters will decide the fate of a proposal to create areas of pot consumption. also to create social clubs did not make the ballot. a business owner fed private dumpster took action. she set up a surveillance camera to capture the lawbreakers. but who she saw on camera stunned her. brian maass has her story. >> a lot of people bump illegally. >> reporter: she has managed this southwest business for years. >> we are a marble and granite shot. >> reporter: outside she would find her trash bin overflowing with other people's jump. >> extremely disrespectful when it's not allowed and it's not yours. >> reporter: she says the trash company would not get up when
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it unloaded. then she would have to pay for extra pickup. quite a hassle. so the company set up this surveillance capra -- camera to see who was illegally dumping. on june 19 early morning, the camera records a pickup truck rolling up, the driver hops out, begins unloading an old hot tub cover. but look at the back of the shirt. it's a uniformed denver police officer. >> i our thoughts were, are you kidding? that is the last thing we expected to see. >> reporter: he leaves his bulky trash making it their problem. then drives away. after the businesses completed -- complained, sergeant timothy confessed it was him. he says this is the 1st time he ever dumped his trash into a
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last month according to his disciplinary letter, he was fined 1 days pay. the department said it had a negative impact on his professional image. >> that took us over the edge. it's bad enough we have the problems as it is. with other people doing this. but to have someone in law enforcement, it was hurtful. you are not above the law. i don't >> sergeant hyatt says it's been embarrassing. he is taking responsibility. the department says he is no significant disciplinary
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a wealthy texas mother is accused of killing her husband. then an interview with 48 hours
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>> he treated me like a queen. he showed me a world the before him i had no means to have. >> 911 emergency. >> oh my god. >> in the show she told police an intruder broke into their home. her husband greg a brilliant and wealthy computer engineer shot dead in the bedroom. >> i could see was a male and dark clothing. >> michelle was the killer. executors were sure of it. dna, it was a tough case to prove. they offered michelle a plea deal. forcing her to accept responsibility for greg's death. and some prison time. >> it took the plea deal to be able to get back home to my daughter. >> she accepted the plea but just before the deal was to be finalized, she did an interview with 48 hours. >> did you murder him?
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>> every time i watch a client in an interview i start to think, we are really screwed. >> we used the 48 hours tape to demonstrate the only had she changed her story yet again she added the additional fact not only was it an intruder i think i know who it was. that was beyond pale. >> watch temptation in texas tonight at 9 right here on cbs4. the forecast. >> a few storms around boulder county. the tail end will create some gusty winds around denver. but the heavier rain is around older and estes park. severe thunderstorms out near akron. burlington. tomorrow will be 8 drier day.
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